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The War On Terror: Racist War Against Arabs / Muslims?

The War On Terror: Racist War Against Arabs / Muslims?

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 15:08:03 -0600
1 year ago

yes, i feel as though middle easterners are the new “blacks” of this nation.
muslims, middle easterners, south asians.
its ok to kill them indiscriminately.
its ok to bomb those people.
its ok to imprison without due process and torture those ppl.
its ok to invade and occupy their lands.

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1 year ago

Place is just crawling with people….

One comment on the most dangerous force currently operating on the planet.

An organized racist campaign of war that we’ve been threatened with for possibly ‘hundreds of years’...all against Arabs / Muslims is under-way and the only reason it’s allowed to continue is because of silence.

Fuck it….why not try to hop on the wagon and make some cash money off the bullshit and misery? Maybe write a comic for kids that uses the same exact rhetoric as the racist architects of the reality we’re talking about here.

1 year ago

While there are certain racist elements to this so-called war we would be making a mistake by assuming this racism is the length and breadth of it. This is a war of control over resources that directly impact the prosperity of those waging war, everyone else be damned. They would be happy if this were recast as a racist war.

Then they would do as they’ve always done: recast the actors with members of the oppressed class to provide legitimacy for the exact same actions they would have otherwise carried out on their own behalf. They’ve perfected this behaviour over the last 50 years and would be happy to employ it again.

Exploitation by physical coercion or by economic coercion is still exploitation. Whether you die of disease because you’re poor, or you die of a explosion from a bomb, you’re just as dead. And the roots are often both the same. Racist? sure it is… but that ain’t all it is….

1 year ago

Fuck it….why not try to hop on the wagon and make some cash money off the bullshit and misery?

cry me a river….......

1 year ago


“What about all the direct action that isn’t a set up?
Does the thought of people acting of their own accord, instead of in accordance with what they are told to do by the people with guns, frighten you, simpleton?”

“How have I presented a “completely irrational description of reality”? Be specific. I feel I have been very realistic in my protrayal of current events and the necessary responses to them. The Holocene Extinction Event is happening. Domestication is real, we live it every day; so do animals in factory farms and fenced-in pastures all over the world.”

“What kinds of direct action do you support and take part in? Why do you support some types, but not ELF or ALF actions? Why do you completely lack both an understanding of – and respect for – diversity of tactics?”

“Where have I indicated despair and hopelessness?”

Take your time, I know there are a few large words to digest.

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