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07/29/03 11:58 PM


(c) 1998 Hebrew Controlled Press

New York - Moshe Abrams, leader of the newly founded group,

Jews for Gold, has been demanding that NASA reactivate the

moon programs to find Gold hoarded by the Nazis after WWII.

Newly discovered documents have come to light that show that

the Nazis built UFOs and hid millions of tons of stolen tooth

Gold at Ancillis on the moon. Mr. Abrams has been demanding

that either the American government fund new moon trips, or at

least pay the equivalent in money. Mr. Abrams recently stated

that, "American lack of interest in this issue borders on Anti-

Semitism", but added, "we are glad that the US government

is at least discussing the idea of retrieving our stolen gold."

Nasa has been given special congressional support and US

President, Mr. Cokehead, has set up a special committee to

look into these allegations. In his weekly radio address,

the President stressed the need for "understanding and

tolerance" and added that the funds for any such programs

would not come from the public purse.

Scientists call the claims ridiculous, but added, "

the scientific community should not engage in Ani-Semitism

because there is a small probability that the claims are accurate".

Mr. Abrams was not available for comment.

(c) 1998 Hebrew Controlled Press.
You see, when we are healthy, we respond to the presence of the hateful with fear and nausea.

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bl45ph3m3r #441
08/01/03 02:48 PM
Re: NAZI GOLD ON THE MOON!!! new [re: Alex] #194608

sweet looking saucers them nazis had - how many trips did they take to the moon to get all those gold teeth up there?
they should make a Tv movie out of this one.


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08/01/03 05:37 PM
Re: NAZI GOLD ON THE MOON!!! new [re: Alex] #194645

Cool movie.

I am The Walrus

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08/02/03 09:21 PM
Re: NAZI GOLD ON THE MOON!!! new [re: Alex] #194894

LOL- If they had UFOs, they'd have won!
"Vsegda gotov"

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08/02/03 11:06 PM
Re: NAZI GOLD ON THE MOON!!! new [re: REDDY PEOPLES] #194909

"If they had UFOs, they'd have won!"

they had jets.....they lost.
they had gas cannons....they lost.
they had propaganda....they lost.

if u have a UFO, u still have to arm it!
A UFO is just a vehicle type.
reasearch victor shauberger. he was a water scientist in forced reasearch for the germans at one time. Implosion.
Why were the germans looking into ancient sites aka raiders of the lost ark?

Also, foo fighters were reported often near end of war.

Ever played civ, developed worlds first nuke just before your last city is besieged?

The problem of leadership is inevitably: Who will play God?

Muad'Dib from the Oral History

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08/02/03 11:27 PM
Re: NAZI GOLD ON THE MOON!!! new [re: sparrot] #194922

We had a lot of shit they didn't - and we certainly used propaganda as well.

I'm not argueing that SOME advantages is enough to win a war- I"m argueing that if one side had UFOs- the things that fly at ridiculous speeds and can stop on a dime- they would win simply on a basis of keeping pilots alive!
"Vsegda gotov"

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08/02/03 11:56 PM
Re: NAZI GOLD ON THE MOON!!! new [re: REDDY PEOPLES] #194924

and im arguing that perhaps they had a prototype that was developed to late to enter into mass production.

The problem of leadership is inevitably: Who will play God?

Muad'Dib from the Oral History

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08/03/03 05:03 AM
Re: NAZI GOLD ON THE MOON!!! new [re: Alex] #194940

nazi's may have hidden gold on the moon but it's small price to pay for what they brought back.

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    Any thoughts on David Icke's new book?

    "His most staggering revelation is that the Earth and the collective human mind is manipulated from the Moon, which, he says, is not a ‘heavenly body’, but an artificial construct – a gigantic ‘spacecraft’ (probably a hollowed-out 'planetoid') – which is home to the extraterrestrial group that has been manipulating humanity for aeons."

  2. Yeah could be. Like a giant duck blind.

  3. I used to post at GNN anonymously in 2002. I think I registered in 2003 I'm not sure. That post doesn't look as good without Hitler's flying Saucers. They used to abuse me. Say I needed meds for posting conspiracy theories. All kinds of shit. That site on my sig is my best conspiracy site. Has all the Illuminati charts from Italy. Takes you on a tour like you are Neo in the Matrix. This GNN site will be back. They have a lot of original content and they own all our govoreets/talks on the forum. The people on the forum were the real stars of the site. I'm glad you saved some of the funny shit we did.

  4. I looked at the code for this thread and was able to retrieve the flying saucer image.
    Thanks for the aidd link. Very cool.