Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Islamic Junta: Explosive. Intense.

The Islamic Junta: Explosive. Intense.

Wed, 26 Nov 2008 11:14:05 -0600
1 year ago

I was purposely less combative with this mashup. I’m hping it will get more people to discuss the issue I’m bringing up.

I feel we are dealing with some very dangerous shit here. American’s are being fed this shit and they can’t tell the difference.

It seems to me that not many really believe this shit but most are willing to remain silent because…well…Everything Points To A Junta.

It’s not a comic, it’s not entertainment. It’s propaganda that is part of a larger program to push us into more war in the middle east.

I’m not saying Lappe’ purposey does this. I’m saying that the world and this country has allowed these falsehoods to take root and give the appearance of legitamacy.

Just enough to keep American’s a little afraid…just enough to make them uncomfortable to discuss this issue. In that way lies like these are perpetuated because no one says anything.

And now I have people telling me that the Colbert Report is “reality” and that I’m being negative for pointing out the obvious anti-Muslim / anti-Islam themes rampant in the media, alternative and not….if there really is a difference.

Should I just be happy that the Jews and Chrisitans teamed up to take out the Islamic Junta Nukes?

Anyone catch the colbert Christmas? I did not notice one Islamic reference and yet, the show was very “Jew/Chrisitan” themed.

At one point Jon Stewart and Colbert sing a song about forgiving enemies and I thought how strange it is that not one mention of the “Islamic Threat” or even an attempt to include Islam in hub-bub was made.

I’m not suggesting Colbert and Stewart don’t like Muslims. I’m saying that it’s not ‘in style’ to refer to Muslims and Islam in ways other then by using the ‘terrorist junta’ nonsense that Shooting War uses.

1 year ago

he’s got a gig at Fox News now – so F you, JD. He’s teh Famous now

1 year ago


“What about all the direct action that isn’t a set up?
Does the thought of people acting of their own accord, instead of in accordance with what they are told to do by the people with guns, frighten you, simpleton?”

“How have I presented a “completely irrational description of reality”? Be specific. I feel I have been very realistic in my protrayal of current events and the necessary responses to them. The Holocene Extinction Event is happening. Domestication is real, we live it every day; so do animals in factory farms and fenced-in pastures all over the world.”

“What kinds of direct action do you support and take part in? Why do you support some types, but not ELF or ALF actions? Why do you completely lack both an understanding of – and respect for – diversity of tactics?”

“Where have I indicated despair and hopelessness?”

Take your time, I know there are a few large words to digest.

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