Monday, December 14, 2009

UK court 'issued warrant for Livni'

UK court 'issued warrant for Livni'

Mon, 14 Dec 2009 21:06:28 -0600
20 hours ago

These evil child-killing jews will pay in the end.

17 hours ago

In another British court, some nutter spaz judge called, David Eady (a right fucking idiot), has issued a world-wide injunction banning any pictures of Tiger Woods that show any naked flesh (punishable with imprisonment).

Read the injunction – it’s loony mental:

Apparently it’s an imprisonable offence to publish the injunction or even admit it exists.

This David Eady (Sir David Eady, QC aka The Hon. Mr Justice Eady ) is aright demented cunt. He allows anybody in the world to sue anybody in the world in his court, and comes out with loony judgements that are illogical and have no basis in law. I suspect he is controlled by dirty jews.

He looks like a right fag:

17 hours ago

heh, fucking dirty jew.. what a fuck, i’m with you here

17 hours ago

cute shoes

12 hours ago

How about a little fourth wall here? This is a very interesting dynamic. This kind of thread, whether it is consciously designed or a naturally (maybe even predictably) engendered reactionary force, serves to do what, exactly, to the trajectory of modern values?

If this were a site sponsored by the DAI, for instance, which value system/agenda would you conclude this post served?

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