Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obnog Congratulates Karzai On Fraudulently Winning The Afghanistan Presidential Election

Obnog Congratulates Karzai On Fraudulently Winning The Afghanistan Presidential Election

Mon, 02 Nov 2009 19:30:39 -0600
1 month ago

I just been looking at the Palestinian Telegraph newspaper.

There appears to be an excellent in-depth analysis of the Afghanistan debatable from the TAPI pipeline angle:

1 month ago

Wow floopin – this is sure ‘clean’, relatively speaking. Keep it up, you’ll get way more play.

1 month ago

Speak to me with a better tone…. I don’t like the style of your anger, you fuck! If you’re a Brit… then you’re a Brit… at least let your anger out in better forms then my ethnocentric bull-shit. P.S. Let your anger out bro (but not MY brother).... but don’t be a stupid fuck; in need of a heroin needle (afghan exchange, of course), a sex-without-respect conquest, or bullet (whose?) in your not-so-clearly-thinking mind.

Gold Bless The Nation!
(I kid… I kid… I am a kid) No, really…. DOGMA BLESS patRIOTic people who alway disconnect themselves from what it means to be a person (yes… even stupid people).

Hi floopin’... my ego is just like your ego; except better and with ellipses. Bad ego… very bad ego.

Fuck you very much.

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1 month ago

15 years ago, if a writer came up with this as a plot line for a movie and went to Hollywood to pitch it, studio security would have been called to throw him out of the fucking window

You imply this is a good thing, but it’s hollywood . . . which means who is in charge, floopin? That’s right, jews . . . and lots of them. Seems contradictory to you usual jew-hate to me. Try to stay consistent, cockgobbler.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Ha har – I have a flock of loons insulting me and trying to form a bullying gang:

The Resident skitzo channelling some sort of brain damage in my direction from his used arse.

A half-wit crypto-Nazi making a failed attempt to be a ‘rilly’ clever ‘dood’.

And a one-word cabbage who thinks babies are terrorists and deserve to die.

4 weeks ago

.......try again.

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