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The Greenhouse Conspiracy

The Greenhouse Conspiracy

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Tim Ball on Red Ice Creations Radio
December 1, 2009
Climategate & The Anthropogenic Global Warming Fraud

Topics Discussed: Climategate, The Anthropogenic Global Warming Fraud, The Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore, The IPCC, Phil Jones, Tom Wigley, The CRU (Climatic Research Unit), CO2 Taxes, Climate Data Dumped, Maurice Strong, Global Government, Global Policy, Steve McIntyre, Codes For The Computer Programs, Gavin Schmidt, Global Cooling, Club Of Rome, Cloak Of Green, Ontario Hydro, CO2, Benjamin Santer, 1992 RIO Conference, Hubert Lamb, David Deming, Hockey Stick Graph, John Daly, Still Waiting For Greenhouse, CBC, David Suzuki, NCAR, UCAR, GRL, Andy Revkin

14 hours ago

Wow, great find! Imagine almost 20yrs has past and if it were not for the style of clothes and hair you could think this was just produced for broadcast. It would be interesting for an updated production featuring the same contributors to the piece but in one forum – debating then and now. I am going to include this in my blog – thanks again for sourcing it.

4 hours ago

Wow, I seriously had no idea this bullshit has been going on for so long. I’d recommend The Red Ice interview too.

I just want all you Gs to know, I’m going to miss AGW, it’s been fun to have something I can debunk with what I learned in high school physics and chem classes.

I guess it’s on to chemtrails next (apologies floyd, much love)

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2 hours ago

Again, really great documentary, my favorite part was the guy who had the giant tree he grew by upping the CO2.

1 hour ago

i wonder how many of the Climatards will actually bother viewing this?

My guess would be ‘none’

Here’s a Full-ength copy of the video from Google Video.

If you have Firefox installed along with the VideodownloadHelper Add-on, you can of course save the whole video to hard drive and view it that way.

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