Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Feral Camel Stampede Has Begun!

The Feral Camel Stampede Has Begun!

Tue, 29 Dec 2009 15:05:22 -0600
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Thanks for the promo Shift, it’s appreciated.

You’re right, it’s an echo chamber here as no one from outside can see in, not even search engines.

Feral is now being scanned by the SE, so we can be found :)

I was going to try flagrant self promotion here @ GNN, but it’s not my style.

Some raised concerns that Shift and I are aligned in some way. We have some common causes (freedom & forums) but we are not working together on Feral Camel, I created it from my own resources, independently.

This is coming up as my last post on GNN, I still watch, but it’s gone very quiet.

I really would lke you all to come over to Feral and continue the great debates into 2010 and beyond.

Not that I am getting like all reminiscent, but I’d like to see you all again on feralcamel.net

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28 minutes ago

html and the ability to post videos in the comments are very nice aspects. I’m liking the site Mancer.

html is so damn nice.

Anthony can go and shove textile up his ass.

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