Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dollar Falls But Shares Rise (Nogflation)

Dollar Falls But Shares Rise (Nogflation)

Sun, 01 Nov 2009 22:25:43 -0600
1 month ago

Notice how Obnog is left-handed, but kicks with his right foot.

His brain is not wired properly.

1 month ago

Rubbish barley?

1 month ago

Very funny. Nice summary. But you left out the bit about the total security state. Also known as the Defense Industry and/or The Global War on Terror. Repression Technology muchacho. That’s what those Hedge Funds were all about. That’s what’s “Made in the USA” today. Private Mercenaries included. Maybe not exclusively for export, but pretty damn close.

That’s what they’re all expecting to cash in on.

Obnob’s Scorch Earth Budget only allocates $44 Billion for the United States (out of a total $724 Billion) for reading everybody’s email and listening to everyone’s phone calls — and puffing up the Somali American Threat PR Hoax (essentially Jose Padilla squared).

Then they have to spend some money to keep people busy talking like there’s still some kind of privacy that needs to be protected (which actually seems to be fooling people).

1 month ago

WTF does Nog mean?

1 month ago

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