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CRU (Climatic Research unit) funded by Oil Companies . . . shock horror!!

CRU (Climatic Research unit) funded by Oil Companies . . . shock horror!!

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The Climate Research Unit (CRU) in the UK was set up in 1971 with funding from Shell and BP as is described in the book: “The history of the University of East Anglia, Norwich; Page 285)” By Michael Sanderson. The CRU was still being funded in 2008 by Shell, BP, the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate and UK Nirex LTD (the nuclear waste people in the UK)

This is important to know, for two reasons.
Firstly, the key institution providing support for Global Warming theories and the basis for the IPCC findings receives funding from “Big Oil” and the nuclear power industry.

Secondly, the research from the institution which is perceived to be independent publicly funded research, is actually beholden to soft money, CRU is in fact a business.

The funders of the CRU are on the bottom of this page from their website:

So, there a business set up in the early 1970’s, so what?

I thought that this might explain a bit about how we got to where we are. I am not a conspiracy theorist but to me it looks like this may have been a very, very long term plan. Of course it could all just be coincidental, but it does seem to fit the observable information.

A few weeks ago I explained the apparent CRU fraud to a friend of mine, a believer in AGW; he said ‘Why would they do it?’ I indicated the Jones had received 22 million, etc, but he countered, ‘For a fraud this large, going on for this long, there would have to be billions of dollars to be made, not millions’. That made sense.

So I looked into it a bit. First this is no short term thing, it covers two or three decades, involves many countries and government on both sides of the isle, the US alone has had 4 different presidents and the UK a similar number of prime ministers, Canada the same. So is it not political in the partisan sense of the word. . . . .

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You bolded ‘Greenpeace International.’ Are they squeezing seal cubs for oil now?

1 hour ago

No – they are a partizan organisation with an interest in promoting their own agenda – you know, like what the Climatards imply the Oil Co’s are doing when ever they point the finger at any sceptic who might ever have received money from an Oil Co.

Are they squeezing seal cubs for oil now?

Not that I’ve heard – but I’d bet they club a few of them to death for the cameras if they thought it might help them promote their agenda in any way

I also bolded the Oil Co’s.

In fact I ‘h1’-ed them.

I notice you have nothing to say about their funding of the CRU.

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Funny, No link, no citation, we just gotta take your word for it.

Wouldnt be surprised if you found this list on PrisonPlanet.

That being said, scientists are whores, they’ll take any money they can get.

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