Tuesday, December 1, 2009

American Terrorists Continue Cuban Embargo - UN Disgusted 187 : 3

American Terrorists Continue Cuban Embargo - UN Disgusted 187 : 3

Wed, 28 Oct 2009 21:51:38 -0500
1 month ago

For my past, it is now 100% certain that Obnog is a pet of the jews. Everything he has done, and not done, has been dictated by jews and in accord with jew wish to expand US terrorism, kill children, and support the ruling kelptocracy in the USA and around the world.

He has been a complete failure on all fronts. It’s as if the USA has no president:

1. Middle East – Palestine:

Obnog has said nothing about the savage blockade of Gaza sice he got all the bling of office and promises of $100+ million fake book deals and fake lecture tours from the jews (like the cunt Tony Bliar).

Gaza still blockaded

Neither has he even tied to stop the jews thieving land in the West bank and Jerusalem.

Foaming-at-the-mouth jews still thieving land and committing genocide in the West Bank

And done nothing to stop evil jews destroying holy places.

Al-Aqsa Mosque under Attack From Satanic jews

Not only has Obnog done nothing to get the evil jews under control in occupied Palestine ( Evil terrorist jews Attack Humans Harvesting Their Olives ), it appears he has taken every step to support and further jew terrorism:

Obnog Votes Against Goldstone Report Into jew War Crimes Against Humans In Palestine, Going To The U.N. Security Council

Obnog says Gaza Siege ‘Forced on Israel’

He has never made even the slightest remark to lessen jew terrorism and jew attacks on humans in occupied Palestine. Even when the jew slaughter of human children in Gaza was at its peak in December 2008, Obnog said nothing

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1 month ago

embargo always targets the politics and kills the people

1 month ago

“I’ve seen it reported elsewhere…”

Cite plz

“In passing, it’s worth pointing out that Obnog spends a lot of his time playing golf with jews…”

Cite plz


1 month ago

I said I’d seen it – I didn’t say I remembered where I’s seen it. Get back to your Mossad party shagging goats arses.

1 month ago

no, floop-monkey, u need to cite. otherwise people will ur full of doody! :)

1 month ago

He is a cheap low conman with no sense of decency.

what’s the old saying? ah, yes…it takes one to know one.

1 month ago

ha harrrrrrrrrrrrr! Spamming joooooooooz

1 month ago

it would be, ‘fucking cracker’ to you, fuck face

is it an explanation of the purity of the ‘white’ race that is important to you?

or maybe that some dark haired jew is waiting around the next corner to rape your woman and then hang the black people just because they are ugly?

c’mon floopin; you got better than that

1 month ago


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