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2 weeks ago

Annual interest payments on the debt are now $383 billion ($2775.36 for every working person in the US).

Compare that to a mere $45.4 billion the US budgets for Education. No wonder most Americans are whelping pigs, with skills and brain power inferior to circus dogs.

US bond interest rates average out at 3.3% at present. When interest rates rise (as they are bound to do – as the nog is printing money like the ‘Monopoly’ manufacturers [game] to waste on rubbish and to buy approval ratings), the US will find itself in a world of smelly sticky shit very quickly.

If you have cash over what you need in your current account, convert it into something tangible soon.

Th US won’t degrade gracefully – it will implode financially at the speed of a white dwarf descending into a black hole [insert Tom Cruise / Michelle Obama joke here].

2 weeks ago

During the French Revolution, the Aristocracy was in bed with the bourgeoisie from square one — the whole thing was a charade to pull the real estate out from under the Church.

One has to wonder who was in bed with who when Japan’s Leisure Classes joined forces with Europe’s Predatory Capitalists (the price of entry being Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not to mention the shame of being labeled genocidal fascists through out most of the world for who knows how much longer . . .)

The new guy with the perm doesn’t exactly fill me with warm fuzzy feelings either. What does everyone think? Is he a nationalist? Proud to be Japanese? Serving the people and history and destiny of Japan for the Japanese?

2 weeks ago

Keep in mind that those are interest payments they’re making to themselves . . .

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