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So Fresh and So Clean - Guerrilla Camping 101.11

So Fresh and So Clean - Guerrilla Camping 101.11

Sat, 17 Dec 2005 21:09:00 -0600
4 years ago

Dirty hippies. lol.

4 years ago

“especially so I can tell the trench foot story…”

Looking forward to it!

“A lot of people are freaked out their first few times shitting in the woods.”

Special note for the winter – be careful when you try to relieve yourself when you’re wearing a snow suit. A girl I knew accidentally peed in her hood, then promptly stood up and pulled it over her head.

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4 years ago

The funniest shit in the woods I ever saw was during bay to breakers in San Francisco, a guy wandered up a hill in golden gate, in sight of the procession and dropped his drawers to relieve himself. A bit drunker than he thought, he rolled down the hill in mid push, of course, only a few seconds after evryone had noticed him and started cheering him on.

Another note for winter pooping. Some people saw to use snow. This is fine, but your nuts may not un-shrink til summer.

4 years ago

I worked at a junkie inflicted Cafe for a while, and when the addicts wen;t busy dying in the bathroom, they were in there showering. One day, a woman was “doing the dance” outside the bathroom door for an extended period of time, finally coming up to me and telling me the woman in before her had been in there for twenty minutes and wouldn’t come out. I went and knocked at the door, and was answered by “Occupied”.

“Like palestine, I hollared throught he door. I’m opening the door in 30 seconds.

half a minute passed, and I kicked the door vigorously, before using the spare key to open it. Inside was a woman who was either in her early twenties and seriousy drug addled or pushing 60. IN her had was a length of surgical tubing which she had wrapped one end around the faucet head, and was using the other end to hose herself off. There was a puddle of skanky water on the floor about half and inch deep, and the drain was clogged by paper towels which she had obviously been using as washrags.

Good call on asking people to keep it clean when keeping it clean. I hated mopping that floor. It smelled like four kinds of dorito flavored ass.

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