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The Slackpack - Guerrilla Camping 101.1b

The Slackpack - Guerrilla Camping 101.1b

Thu, 03 Nov 2005 16:59:33 -0600
4 years ago

Hey, how about electronics? do you carry at least a crank radio? and navigation? I soppose you have a compass right?

Nice blog

4 years ago

Someone recently pointed out an article in Field and Stream about mini homemade survival kits to me – kind of a basic how-to guide that one could expand upon or remove stuff from. Part of it is available online here .

4 years ago

Nice ideas. I would definately add a compass and a map of the local area. I mean, sure this can be the unprepared pack but if you’re taking the time to prepare one, might as well be prepared.

And honestly, if you’ve got the extra 15 dollars, up that tarp to an army poncho. Way more usefull.

Good work though. Glad I already have a full pack though.

4 years ago

Hyper. Yes, add a compass. I will edit the blog when I have time. ALWAYS HAVE A COMPASS! I forgot to add that. I don’t use a pack like this. I simply wanted to offer an easy a cheap way for people to do this. I think this should have just been a comment to GC101.1.

Same holds true with the poncho. I carry two instead of a tent. Love them, but you can get those tarps for three dollars.

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