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Playing with Petrol - Guerrilla Camping 101.9

Playing with Petrol - Guerrilla Camping 101.9

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4 years ago

Good work as always, but some pictures would come in mighty handy!

4 years ago

Are you planning on doing anything on improvised fuels or non-traditional ones? You did mention the cheetoes (and that was righteous), but I’m wondering what your thoughts are on using cowflops or other “fuels of desperation” are. (‘Course, a Tibetan wouldn’t categorize it as such, but….)

4 years ago

Cheetos: The ubiquitous solid fuel tablet

Who knew?
Valuable fine work —again!

4 years ago

A-Camping We Will Go
(tune: Farmer in the Dell)

A-camping we will go,
A-camping we will go,
Hi-ho and off we go,
A-camping we will go.

More Verses:

First we pitch our tent
Next we chop some wood
We light the campfire now
We cook our dinner now
We tell fun stories now
It’s time to go to sleep

4 years ago

Resource Books to Help You Plan

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4 years ago

UPDATE on this article:

I just heard back from Primus regarding Biodiesel in their Omni Fuel stove. Their head of R&D e-mailed me, and it turns out that he has been driving a biodiesel vehicle for the last two years, and is quite familiar with the nuances of the fuel. He explains that while the Omni fuel will run off biodiesel, he recommends against it. Biodiesel has issues with brass that an lead to deposits and clogged lines, although he describes the issue as textbook, and says he has not encountered it. The materials used in the rings can suffer from swelling which ill reduce the life of the stove, as well as causing issues with reliable operation.

Now, keep in mind that although he does not recomend it, it does work, although he sites flareups as an issue. In fact, they have donated a couple of their omni fuel stoves to earthrace, a renewable fuel powerboat race around the globe, so it must at least work, if not at peak performance. More info on the race can be had at

I will include this info in a later revision of this GC, once I hear back from the third stove manufacturer I contacted. And if Urban, the R&D guy from Primus is checking out this blog, thanks again for all the info.

4 years ago

More pictures on the way!

4 years ago

rad, if I have a chance to camp during my winter “break” I will try this. thanks

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4 years ago

I made two of these two, It was fun!

The first one I made exactly like the above, the second I made a few changes after testing.

First, I didn’t cut out the bottom of the second one, I put a small hole in it instead, to allow me to fill it with fuel, and seal it with screw.

Between the walls of the stove I stuff in cotton batter, so it would suck up the fuel.

The holes around the rim are larger then the original so I could pull out tiny clumps of cotton, I mean real tiny.

During testing, as the fuel heated up, it would leak out the bottom, in gas form, between the two tins that are stuck together, this was solved with a bit of muffler tape.

The new one burns peanut oil, bought at a dollar store for $2, a whole litre of it. :)

PS: Use a tin cup to put it out. Let cool, and place in a tiny tupper ware like container to save the unused fuel.

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  1. Very good information on building your own stoves.


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