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Guerrilla Camping 201.1 - Planning the Guerrilla Encampment

Guerrilla Camping 201.1 - Planning the Guerrilla Encampment

Fri, 02 Feb 2007 18:25:13 -0600
3 years ago

Hey Blackpacker,

Forgive me if you’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but i’m just curious where you’re building site is. Did you manage to buy a chunk of land? or is this strictly untamed wilderness and out of the real estate market?

PS – I’m not the fuzz

3 years ago

The land is being provided to us by an older couple that has forged a wilderness retreat in the mountains of central Mendocino county. They moved up thee 20 years ago to break the cycle of petroleum dependence, and begin making motions towards sustainability. I stayed with them during the walk last year, and they invited us back to stay for good.

It’s been great working up there so far. Mostly building confidence with them so far by building other things, such as rebuilding decks, plotting terraces, greenhouses, preparing to redevelop a pond on their property. They are interested in alot of my “experiments” and their support is VERY appreciated.

I wish it were out of the real estate market, but finding undeveloped, unowned land is next to impossible here.

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