Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Climate scientists accused of 'manipulating global warming data'

Climate scientists accused of 'manipulating global warming data'

Sat, 21 Nov 2009 07:51:58 -0600
4 days ago

Palestinians accuse Israel settlements of diverting water

jews will take and take and take. Not only are they destroying Palestine (all of it – including the part that the occupying jews call israel ), they have now moved on to destroying the Mediterranean Sea.

These Satanic jew devils are taking hundreds of millions of cubic metres of seawater each day for their desalination plants, and spewing back hundreds of tons of salt into the Mediterranean Sea. This is causing massive environmental damage and has just about destroyed fishing off the Palestinian coast.

The jews will take and take and take until they have destroyed everything. jews are Satanic monsters.

jews will use their puppets in the media and politics to push the global warming hoax to the hilt, so they can inflict massive damage on humanity with its consent. jews are disgusting unholy filth.

4 days ago


gnn is dead

give it up

4 days ago

floopin you gotta stop going to Alex jones to get your informations. It’s disinformation

Also, hating on Jews is like, so totally racist dude.

23 hours ago

To be Jewish is a clam of theology, there is no such thing as the race “Jew”.

20 hours ago

It’s debatable whether jews are a race or a pedigree (inter-incest-breeding) of some sort of Satanic chimera. For example, genetic profiling shows that American jews have a lot of dog in them. Look at Barbra Streisand – she’s a fucking dog:

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19 hours ago

American jews have a lot of dog in them

no, but I’ve heard you have literally had a lot of dog in you.

1 hour ago

Shut your face you evil child-killing jew spaz and get back in the queue for the ovens.

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