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Al-Fayed Calls Royal Family 'Draculas'

Al-Fayed Calls Royal Family 'Draculas'

Sun, 24 Feb 2008 21:14:22 -0600
2 years ago

Author Stewart Swerdlow spoke about a Reptilian race which lives underground and first came here over 800,000 years ago. This information was imparted to him, he claimed, during the 13 years he served as an experimental subject in a government-sponsored mind control project in Montauk, NY.

Between 200,000 to 300,000 people were experimented on in Montauk, and most of them did not survive, he said. Now, mind control can be employed worldwide via satellites, he noted.

Among the details Swerdlow shared about the Reptilians: They originated in the Draco star system, and arrived in our solar system via hollowed-out asteroids. They colonized a Pacific content called Lemuria and later battled with the Atlanteans.

Eventually they formed a hybrid race with the Atlanteans. It is from this group that the Illuminati or ruling families descended. There are seven different species in the Draco empire. One type has white segmented skin, cat-like eyes, wings, and a pronounced jaw and teeth.

The Illuminati are planning a “staged alien invasion” to trick people into forming a one-world government and they’ll use holographic technology to project imaginary battles, Swerdlow warned. Ultimately, they seek to send millions of people out to colonize habitable moons of Jupiter and Saturn, he added.

Literary Credits include: Blue Blood-True Blood, The Healers Handbook, The Hyperspace Helper

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2 years ago

Are The Royal Family Reptilian Vampires?

2 years ago

it makes perfect sense.

2 years ago

Dracula was Romanian, they are German

2 years ago

Interesting case study . . .

from das wikie


Born in Bakos, a neighbourhood in eastern Alexandria, Egypt, as the eldest son of a primary school teacher, Al Fayed tried a number of jobs, from selling soft drinks on the streets of his home city as a child to working as a sewing machine salesman and teacher.

He was married for two years to Samira Kashoggi (1955 – 1956), the sister of the international businessman and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who employed him in his import business in Saudi Arabia. After establishing wide circles of influence in the UAE, Haiti and London, Al Fayed founded his own shipping company in Egypt before becoming a financial adviser to one of the world’s richest men, the Sultan of Brunei, in 1966.

He arrived in Britain in 1974 and added the al- to his name, earning the Private Eye nickname “the Phoney Pharaoh”. He briefly joined the board of the mining conglomerate Lonrho in 1975 but left after a disagreement. In 1985, he married Wathén, his second wife.

In 1979, Al Fayed bought the Hôtel Ritz Paris, and restored it to its former glory for which he was made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour (Legion d’Honneur) by the then President of France, Francois Mitterand.

In 1985, he and his brother Ali Al-Fayed bought House of Fraser, a group that included the famous London store Harrods, for £615m. The Harrods deal was made under the nose of Roland ‘Tiny’ Rowland, the head of Lonrho. Rowland had been seeking to buy Harrods and took the Fayed brothers to a Department of Trade inquiry. The inquiry, involving one of the most bitter feuds in British business history, issued a 1990 report stating that the Fayed brothers had lied about their background and wealth. The bickering with Rowland continued when he accused them of stealing millions in jewels from his Harrods safe deposit box. Rowland died and without accepting responsibility Al Fayed settled the dispute with a payment to his widow. (Al Fayed had been arrested during the dispute and sued the Metropolitan Police for false arrest in 2002. He lost the case.)

In 1994, House of Fraser went public, but Fayed retained private ownership of Harrods.

For years, Fayed unsuccessfully sought British citizenship. Both Labour and Conservative Home Secretaries repeatedly rejected his applications on the grounds that he was not of good character. He took the matter to court, but failed. It has been suggested that the feud contributed to Al Fayed’s being refused British citizenship the first time.


HAITI!?!?!?!?!? FNA, a triangle. Was ist das?

Mucho dinero, that’s for sure.

2 years ago

One thing’s probably a sure bet. Dodi must have been very refreshing after Charles.

2 years ago

‘Crocodile wife’

Asked by Ian Burnett QC, counsel to the inquest, if he stood by his claim that Diana and Dodi were “murdered by the British security services on the orders of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh”, Mr Al Fayed replied: “Yes.”

He also pinpointed alleged security forces in the ambulance crew, the then British Ambassador to France Sir Michael Jay and the princess’s brother-in-law Sir Robert Fellowes as all being involved in the plot.

And he said Prince Charles was complicit, hoping to make way so he could marry his “crocodile wife” Camilla Parker Bowles.

2 years ago

Earthquake hits Britain, 5.3 magnitude
February 27, 2008

Britain was shaken by a huge earth tremor at 12.56am this morning which was felt by people from Yorkshire to the South Coast.

Thousands of people reported their homes being shaken violently and furniture moving and hundreds more took to the streets for safety and to check for damage.

The epicentre of the tremor, which measured 5.3 on the Richter scale according to the British Geological Survey, was centred on the village of Holton cum Beckering, about 15 miles northeast of Lincoln. According to the US Geological Survey, the epicentre was 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) from the Earth’s surface.

The tremor is the biggest in Britain since 1984 when north Wales was hit by a quake which registered at 5.4 on the Richter scale.

2 years ago

Some news related to this.

They were all in on it

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Ex-MI6 boss denies killing Diana, what else could you expect

Diana feared a royal murder plot

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The wonderfully original Princess Diana is one more victim of the Überlords who decide where the next wars are to take place and where the fattest profits are to be made. Those whose reptilian soul never felt love or compassion, capable only for greed, fear and pride. Those who will burn in hell.

2 years ago

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