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What is GNN?

Guerrilla News Network is an independent news organization with headquarters in New York City and production facilities in Berkeley, California. Our mission is to expose people to important global issues through cross-platform guerrilla programming.

What is GNN 2.0?

GNN 2.0 launched in October 2004 with the goal of providing a platform for the next wave of digital media guerrillas. The new site will allow users to have a say over the editorial direction of the site. More importantly, the GNN community will get the tools to create and disseminate news themselves, through blogs, headlines, original articles, videos, photos, your own customized, personal email newsletters and collaborative, ongoing investigations that will allow GNNers to work together to cover important stories the mainstream media is missing.

GNN 2.0 is currently in Beta stage. New features are being added weekly.

For updates on GNN 2.0 progress, see developer Jessey White-Cinis' blog.

How can I become part of the GNN community?

To become part of the GNN community, just sign up for your free account and screen-name on the top right-hand corner of the homepage. You will be asked to supply an email address (We will never give your email out to any third party).

Signing up currently allows you to create your own home page and blog, create a network of friends, participate in the forum and contribute Headlines to the Yard for consideration on the front door of the site. More features are coming soon.

How do I publish a "Blog?"

Once you've logged in, you can create your own Profile page by clicking "edit" Profile on your "Control Panel". You can post your own blog by clicking "add" Blog. Once you've typed in your blog text, hit "Submit," then click the small "P" icon to Publish.

As soon as you publish a blog entry, it will appear on the front door under Recent Blogs. The best blogs based on your votes will be listed as Top Blogs. Vote for a blog by clicking the gray boxes under each entry.

What is "myNetwork"?

The "myNetwork" feature allows you to create a network of friends by clicking "add" Friends. With "myNetwork" GNN users can easily access their friends' blogs. More networking features are being added.

What is "myMailingList"?

myMailingList allows users to create their own private mailing lists for disseminating information on the site. To activate your MailingList, look for the activation box on the bottom of your edit Profile page. Mailing lists are not only completely private to each user, but work on an opt-in basis by the email recipient. When a recipient signs up they will be sent an email which will confirm that they want to receive news updates from the specified user or they can choose to be put on a "Do not disturb" list which will block them from ever being contacted again.

What is Textile?

GNN 2.0 formatting utilizes Textile text generator. For instructions go here.

What is the "Yard?"

The Yard is where GNN users help decide what makes it to the front door, and what doesn't. By contributing articles, headlines (with summaries) and photos that are approved by the community, you earn points. The more points you earn, the more weight your editorial voice will have. We welcome opinion from across the political spectrum, and urge users to be open to well-written and well-researched arguments, even if they don't coincide with your personal views.

What are "Articles"?

Articles are wholly original content written by GNN users or GNN contributors. All information needs to be properly sourced, the document must be spellchecked and the grammar conformed to GNN house style. GNN house style is similar to Associated Press style. See any featured article for details. Since we're a U.S.-based site, we use American spellings and punctuation (see below for examples). Plagiarists will be banned. Articles are NOT republished articles from other sources or link pool blogs. Articles that include content or photos inappropriate for a news site will not be considered. GNN does not pay for articles. Contributors retain all copyright to their work. All votes are subject to editor copyediting approval. Do not vote for an article until it is spellchecked, copyedited and ready to be published!

Some examples of GNN house style:

U.S. not US

$100 not $US100

Smith not Mr. Smith

"GNN rocks." not "GNN rocks".

Newspapers, movies, books and song titles in italics

Subheads in bold

Writers can also use bolding for emphasis

Long quotations use bockquote (bq. )

What are "Headlines"?

Headlines are republished articles from across the web. The user summary should indicate why the story is important to the GNN community. Users choosing to vote for the Headline should judge it based on timeliness, originality and quality of the summary. If a recent Article or Headline is related, be sure to provide a link in your summary. There are no photos in the headline section.

Coming soon:

What are the rules of conduct in the GNN community?

GNN welcomes discussion from across the political spectrum. We will not censor any political opinion, but are bound by law and common sense to prevent abuse of the network and publication of illegal content. Our policy is to issue warnings on debatable content, delete abusive content, and deny access for persistent abuse. We ask you to please refrain from posting any of the following content:

Statements that may place GNN in legal jeopardy.

Examples include conducting or inciting criminal activities, or making harmful and false statements about people.

Pornographic images.

Discussion of porn and sexual topics is welcome, but images that are not appropriate for public display in schools, libraries and workplaces should not be posted.

Repeated verbal abuse or harassment, particularly threats of violence.

Ongoing flame wars.

Public disclosure of private personal information, such as full name, workplace, phone number or email address of another user without their consent.

Content designed to disrupt the operation of the site or its users.

Off-topic material: Sometimes threads are moved the correct forum, at the moderator's discretion. If you can't find a post please try the search engine. We hope you understand our obligations and promise to use these editorial powers with maximum attention to your right to free speech. Thanks and enjoy the forum.

How did GNN get started?

GNN was co-founded by Stephen Marshall and Josh Shore in the summer of 2000. The partners first joined forces at MTV (Josh had brought Stephen in to consult on some radical television ideas for the station) when they finally realized that the mainstream networks would never allow their hi-impact brand of television content and design to reach prime-time. GNN's inaugural project was a NewsVideo called The Diamond Life. Completed in the fall of 2000, the video features the music of Peter Gabriel and was produced in conjunction with his non-profit organization, WITNESS.

Shortly after, GNN rounded out the core partnership with reporter Anthony Lappé; and investment banker-turned-producer Ian Inaba. Since 2000, GNN has grown from its critical mass audience from approximately an initial 300 unique visitors/day to an average of 25,000 and a high of over 300,000. Their first DVD compilation, Ammo For The Info-Warrior (play trailer: broadband, mediumband) features NewsVideos that have received hundreds of thousands of views on the net and been shown in film festivals and on television networks around the world. Among them is the Sundance-award winning short, Crack The CIA and the 2003 Media That Matters Film Festival Media Activism Award winner, Copwatch. In 2003, they produced AfterMath, a 30-min. documentary investigating the unanswered questions surrounding 9/11. Since its release, AfterMath has played in festivals and at public venues across the United States and Europe and has been translated into four languages.

GNN has also collaborated with and produced politicized music videos for artists such as Ad Rock (Beastie Boys), dead prez, Chronic Future, Eminem and 50 Cent.

GNN's music video for Eminem's politically-charged song, Mosh, hit number one on MTV's TRL the day it was released in October 2004. New York magazine called it "one of the most important pieces of mainstream dissent since the 60s."

GNN's first book, True Lies (Plume) hits the shelves in October 2004. For reviews and info about media appearances by the authors go here.

GNN's first feature-length documentary, BattleGround: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge, recently won the Silver Hugo Award at the 2004 Chicago International Film Festival. To watch the trailer and for info about upcoming screenings go here.

GNN's first feature film, This Revolution, starring Rosario Dawson, premiered at the 2005 Sundance International Film Festival. To watch the trailer and for more info go here.

GNN's second DVD compilation, Ammo II, is set to be released soon.

For press about GNN go here.

Who is behind GNN?

GNN is a for-profit company owned by four partners:

Ian Inaba more

Ian is a writer, producer and director. Ian has a wide range of experience in media creation, technology production as well as marketing and business development. He brings this wealth of experience to all of his productions, from music videos and documentary films, to investigative reports and next-generation technology projects. Over the past four years Ian has transformed from a strategic advisor and creative consultant to a director and producer of highly controversial and informative media projects. Most recently, he directed the music video for Eminem's "Mosh" and contributed to GNN's first book True Lies. His GNN blog, Earning Man, can be found here.

Ian has served as the CEO of Switch Technologies a technology and media development group in Berkeley, Ca. He was also previously a software executive for Check Point Software Technologies (NASD: CHKP) and an investment banker for Robertson, Stephens and Company. He is a graduate of the School of Engineering and Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Anthony Lappé more

Anthony is a writer and television producer who has written for more than twenty magazines and newspapers and has produced television news programming that has aired around the world. He has written for Black Book (where he was National Affairs Editor), Details, Gear, New York, Paper, The New York Times, and Salon, among many others. He currently writes a monthly column for Deng, a new Belgian news and entertainment magazine. In television, he worked as a correspondent for The New York Times Video News International (now NYT-TV), the world pioneer in small-format video-journalism. In 1996, he received two grants from the U.S. government to help train reporters from the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation in the West Bank. Later, he was a breaking news producer for Worldwide Television News (WTN), a documentary producer for MTV News and Specials and Fuse. He is a graduate of NYU and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He is a frequent guest on Air America Radio and numerous other radio stations around the country. His GNN blog, The Bunker, can be found here.

Stephen Marshall more

A writer and award-winning director, Stephen is the internationally-known creator of Channel Zero, the world's first global VHS newsmagazine. Distributed in Tower, Virgin and HMV record stores around the world, Channel Zero became an underground hit and one of the first successes of the small-format video revolution. The Village Voice wrote, "Leave it to a Canadian to revolutionize television." The Toronto Star called Channel Zero, "A mind blowing trip, one neither CNN nor 60 Minutes would ever take." In 1997, Marshall produced the provocative series The Electronic Eye: Canada as a Surveillance Society for the CBC's The National and consulted CNN Chairman Tom Johnson on the creation of a youth-based global news network.

Since co-founding Guerrilla News Network in the summer of 2000, Stephen has directed over 15 short documentaries, many of which have been selected for film festivals around the world. In 2002, his Crack the CIA won its category at the Sundance Film Festival. Later that year, he was tapped by Interscope Records to direct animated videos for rappers Eminem and 50 Cent. His controversial music video, Closer, directed for UK's Soulsavers was selected for RESFest 2004.

In 2004, he wrapped production on two feature films: BattleGround: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge, a doc feature he shot, directed and edited about the American occupation of Iraq, and This Revolution, a political thriller starring Rosario Dawson, set at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York. BattleGround won the Silver Hugo for Best Doc at the 2004 Chicago International Film Festival and This Revolution went on to premiere at Sundance 05. His first book, True Lies, co-authored with GNN's Anthony Lappe was published by Penguin/Plume in October 2004.

Over the span of his career, Stephen has traveled and worked in over sixty countries.

Josh Shore more

Josh is a film/television producer, media/brand strategist, and developer of transformative enterprises. Prior to starting GNN, he created and produced assorted original television shows for USA Network, Showtime, MTV and MuchMusicUSA (now Fuse), in addition to producing and directing material for E! and Comedy Central. For Guerrilla News Network, he has split his time between producing and directing GNN media, working with different grant-makers to support the creation of original GNN productions, and developing various television initiatives that seek to bring the culture of GNN to a wider audience. Aside from his work in television and Web media, Josh has served as a strategist to various individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations, helping them to tailor their offerings, build out their brands, and develop new (r)evolutionary business opportunities. Headquartered in New York City, Josh is a graduate of the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. His GNN blog can be found here.